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Information Flying In Formation Leaving The World

digitsEvery information humanity produces represents a certain form of Energy and corresponding vibration/frequency level. This Energy could penetrate the Universe, provided it’s vibration level is ‘high’ enough and it’s underlying data is arranged ‘in formation’ for others to understand. So there are at least two things we need to further develop if we want to support borderless information flowing. We need to find out what constitutes the frequencies that information carries and that lead to synchronicity events and/or a clear understanding of the send information at the information receiving part. We also need to find out what kind of breakthrough information carrying channels exist beyond what current technology state-of-the-art is able to support (for example: light). These new capabilities will not only serve to support true free flow of information beyond our world but also very much within our world. And if information is able to flow freely, borderless, it will certainly help to heal the world because it helps in achieving more global and even universal consciousness, a better “knowing” of the things humanity is collectively undertaking.freely-flowing-information


Confrontations with the Light

shadowCarl Jung once said: “To confront a person with their own shadow is to show them their own light”. He inspired me to make my own variant: “To confront a person with their own light is to show them their own shadow.” By seeing your own shadow, you really start seeing where your own light is (and how beautiful that in fact is). Because of this, you will also start noticing that you (just like any other person) have a shadow side as well as an enlightened side. So there is really nothing to be ashamed about. In fact you will start accepting that both need each other. Without light there can be only darkness. Without darkness there can be only light. Darkness needs light to disappear. Light needs darkness to show it’s beauty.

The Light Within or How to be Control-Resistant

Do you recognize this situation? Sometimes you can feel a bit lost. Your environment can react onto you and might want to make you feel bad. Maybe because you have done something that another doesn’t want you to do, for whatever reason. The other tries to control you. This can give you a bad feeling, as if you made some terrible mistake. But in the end, we should be aware that control is really an illusion. Wikipedia states: “The illusion of control is the tendency for people to overestimate their ability to control events”. If the controller lacks retrospective insight, it’s called introspection illusion. And the effect of trying to control can be counterproductive: “feedback that emphasizes failure can decrease or reverse the effect”. Being ‘controlled’ can really demotivate a person instead of motivating. The controller controls the controlled. For the controller, the controlled might be nothing more than a ‘controllable’ object. In that case, the controller probably has the illusion of superiority. Now how can you handle this type of situation? It’s very easy. There is light inside every one of us. This light makes us resistant against ‘feeling bad’ type of situations. And it comes at no cost. All you need to do is find the light within…

There Is A Crack In Everything. That’s How The Light Gets In

Picture source here. Leonard Cohen’s quote “Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” resonates with me. I like it a lot. I can also see a relation with talent management. Earlier I blogged about a new way to organize collective talent, in a way forming some kind of global consciousness. Suppose we would be willing to accept that every person on earth can fail (is not infallible). Nobody’s perfect. Everybody’s got a crack somewhere.  This fits well with Deming’s quote ” No one can enjoy learning if he must constantly be concerned about being graded for his performance”.  Also suppose we would accept that every person on earth has limited talent, has a basic need to learn and has an  open attitude towards letting in knowledge from others (letting in the light?) and share it’s knowledge with the world, what would happen to our world? Wouldn’t we get more societal value from the collective wisdom that is available? Could it help our world prevent coming into new crises? What do you think: is it worth a try? (picture source here)

How To Discover The Light Inside Your Own Shadow

Traditionally, I had a tendency to look at things more often from a pessimistic than an optimistic point of view. You might say I have long time lived inside my own shadow. And there have been many years that I suppressed to investigate that darker side of me. But lately I discovered how you can find light inside your own shadow. It’s very simple. You only need to be self-aware, reflect yourself often and the more and more you do that, the more and more you start seeing your own light. So to confront yourself with your darker sides, you need to open up for the light to come in. And light can reveal the beauties hidden inside your shadow. As soon as you start realizing that light cannot exist without darkness and vice versa, you have an excellent starting point to transform. It happened to me! It can happen to anyone!

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