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About the Long Tail, the End of Taylor and How Steve Dennings and Others Are Here To Help

Taylor’s Scientific Management theory has some flaws. As long as the growth ceiling was far away it was able to help us get more or less where we are now. So respect for that. But now that the economic growth is stalling, even Taylor’s methods won’t prevent us getting into worldwide crises. So the time to switch over to new techniques that are more suited for the long tail (more specific) is here. More and more people now see the need to change and some have good ideas how to, for example using Steve Dennings Radical Management. But how do you switch from Taylor’s self-reinforcing and interlocking principes to those of Dennings? Seth Godin has some nice tips. And don’t forget Jurgen Appelo and the initiative of the Stoos Gathering. Finally, if we add Love and/or mutual Trust we must have some mighthy useful ingredients to get things really stirring up. Right? 


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