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The Beauty of Yin/Yang Leaders

yin-yangLeadership is a topic of all times. And although humanity has eons of experience in developing it, we still don’t really know how to effectuate it on a ‘global’ level. We still need to rely a lot on ‘helper’ roles like (appointed) managers and (appointed) leaders. The appointed variants often inherit virtual leadership as soon as they are positioned onto a virtual authoritative position (the hierarchy chart). The not appointed variants often need to perform the same or identical tasks but have to do it with their personal skills only. A though job. Only a (very?) few people in our world are actually capable of this type of personal leadership. What is it that is needed for the evolution of some more personal leadership? Is it something we can learn? Something we can train? Something we can inherit? Or is it only the few who are born with these skills that we need to rely on? Or is it only a matter of the appointed and not appointed leaders and managers of letting go of their ‘helper’ roles and thus making all others aware of their personal leadership gaps? Maybe it’s that simple. Just letting it go. And don’t be afraid that loss of leadership makes you less worth as human. This is an illusion. Good luck with your personal quest in finding out what exactly your personal leadership in our World’s leadership ‘quagmire’ is 😉


Funny Creatures (And What To Do About It)

We human beings (not you and me, but all the others ofcourse) are Funny Creatures. We are the product of four billion years of evolution but our brains still seem to have a lot of catching up to do. Even though our brains were designed with sections for creativity, design, responsibility, management etc. we still seem to have big problems combining these. Yes we can be creative. Yes we can design. Yes we can be responsible. Yes we can manage.  How come then, that we are creating all kinds of crises in our beautiful world? Is it because we are afraid to really use our creativity? Or is it because we believe that the way to manage our world is rooted in the mgmt systems we have become used to? Or is it because we are afraid to stir up things we have become used to? Or it it because we think we cannot take a big leap? Maybe we are afraid that the outcome of a totally new creative direction might not be fully predictable? And because of that, we rather stick to what we know? And thus sustain the crises?

Maybe the time is about right for a really big leap in thinking, and a radical new way of looking at the future of our world. If we don’t intervene, chances are we will amplify and speed-up the downward spiral we’re already in. But if we do intervene (because in effect we all carry more than enough beauty, creativity and intelligence inside), we might just be able to lift the world to an upward spiral. It can be done and it doesn’t cost a thing. You only need to have faith, just like me. Happy Upwards Spiraling!

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