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From A Mass-Fear Controlled Democracy To A Mass-Compassion Controlled Loveacracy

fear-is-a-perceptionJames Bovard once said: “As long as enough people can be frightened, then all people can be ruled. That is how it works in a democratic system and mass fear becomes the ticket to destroy rights across the board.” He must have known how fear can work to suppress the masses. This is still day-to-day practice in many countries of the world. It is rooted deep in patriarchy¬†and has become an auto-pilot culture that many people not even tend to debate. We act as if this is the normal way to go. Just because we got used to it during many eons of time.

But if we could transition towards a new ‘ruling’ concept based on the opposite of fear, which is Love, would we also do it? Or would we fear that such a transition is impossible or too complex? Well, it is not complex at all. All it requires it that you change your mindset. Change your focus. Stop with the ego-centric competing with each other for a small piece of a very large abundant cake. Start having compassion for each other and instead compete on how good you can help your fellow Earth inhabitants. Accept that mass-fear is nothing more than a personal perception for each of us allowing the perception. Is there an antidote? Yes there is. Let’s call it a Loveacracy: a kind of democracy where compassion and Love for each other rule the development of our beautiful planet. Good luck with your personal quest for institutionalizing your own Loveacracy!


How To Turn Problems Into Illusions

The tweet from Jan Bommerez¬†“A problem is an emotionalized situation. The situation is outside you, the problem resides inside you” inspired me to write this blog. You could also say that a problem is in fact an illusion, until we attach our own emotions to it. Then suddenly it becomes something real. So in fact we create our own problems. And by doing this, we create our own world, full of problems. And then we act frustrated because there are so many problems in our world. But we tend to forget we created them ourselves.

So what should we do if we want to have less frustrations or less problems? Well, quite easy. First, recognize the illusion. For example, look at the below figure. If you look at it from one viewpoint, you can see an old, ugly woman’s face, grey-haired, looking in south-west direction. But you can also see a young lady in it, with brown hair and a grey veil, looking to the north-west. So it’s just a matter of perception.

Next thing you do is follow Adi Da Samray’s advice “RELAX. Nothing is under control.” and make it part of our daily mindset.

And finally, add to that a “good=good enough” mindset, and you will see your problems vanish bit by bit. And you will be starting to get more and more into flow. And replace your previous frustrations with happiness. Now who wouldn’t want that?

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