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Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast (and how to eat breakfast)

Ofcourse you know everything about deliberate strategies or architectures (the ones you designed yourself).  And ofcourse you know everything about emergent strategy or architecture, the one that your organization realizes in reality. It’s all hidden in the golden word “real”.  So the real difference is that reality realizes real strategies, and that’s just exactly why culture eats strategy for breakfast. So next time you design a strategy (or architecture for that fact), first check with the realists in your company if it is realizable. This approach is also very good in line with Asby’s Law that states that the controlling system (“the strategy” in this example) must be equally complex or complexer than the controlled system (“the organization” in this example). So if you really want to eat breakfast next time, first ask the cooks how it should be prepared (they might give you some clues…).  Final quote: if your realists say it’s realizable then reality realizes real strategies.


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