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Beauty of Entropy

In general it seems that the entropy more one tries to control entropy, the more it will increase. This might be especially true for closed systems. It is known that the entropy of a closed system always increases. If you relate this to the tendency in society to transform more and more closed systems to more and more open systems, you could suspect entropy to increase because of that. If you investigate further, you can see this kind of transformations happening on all kind of levels: demographic, ecological, economical, political, societal, technological.

Could it be that because of this increase in entropy, there is also increase in societal value? Just like Metcalfe’s Law states that the value of a network increases exponentially with the number of connected nodes.

Could this give society more chances for new forms of beautiful, self-organizing, self-regulating, self-improving systems? If this is true, than we should not try to fight entropy and try to contain the ‘disorder’. Maybe we should do just the opposite: try to make as much connections as possible on all the levels mentioned before (demographic, ecological, economical, political, societal, technological). And then let go of the idea we need to control it all (opposite of entropy is ‘order’).

So we should maybe seek for the trust and freedom of ever growing, interdependent networks on all possible levels. Maybe the most important network we should grow is global consciousness, which helps us globally better understand how to transform our beautiful world into a new Golden Age. Good luck with your own understanding of (the beauty of) Entropy.


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