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Planned Obsolescence Or How To Deliberately Destroy Humanity’s Social Fabric

Planned-ObsolescenceWe live in a strange world. We have all the resources available to make it radically better if we would want to, and yet we are all stuck in a kind of rat race culture, picking on each other for mainly egoistic reasons. This leads to dumb strategies like Planned Obsolescence. It’s well-known in many industries and is in fact nothing more than a ‘trick’ to force customers to buy new products, even if the old ones are still ok. In terms of LEAN thinking, it’s a pure waste! And what’s even worse is that those that can afford buying new products way before they are true end-of-life will buy them, which forces the people who don’t have that buying power to buy the cheaper ‘previous’ versions. This is a huge, hidden market. It makes the rich richer, and the poor poorer. It separates humanity instead of the opposite way: trying to empower each other towards a life where there is joy, happiness and abundance for all. It can be done. It only needs a mindset shift. And this is totally free. What’s holding you back to shift you mind from planned obsolescence to planned sustainability? You can do it. You only need the power of your thoughts. Good luck, and for some more inspiration on this topic you can watch this video about a modular concept for phones that breaks the planned obscolescence loop. A nice example!


Change Your Thoughts And You Will Change The World

power-of-oneIn NLP there is a saying ‘change the map and you will change the world”. But changing maps is not that easy. It requires a lot of alignment between stakeholders and will probably not be hassle-free. But there is a more simple way of changing the world. You can do it with your thoughts. It’s really that simple. If you start thinking differently on a certain topic, you will also start acting differently. And the world around you will start changing in reaction to your action, no matter how small but it will change. So you see, your thoughts can be much more powerful than you think. You only need yourself, the power of one is enough to start a change. You don’t need to wait for others. You alone could even make a big change if you wanted to. And ofcourse there are barriers, like the tendency to adapt ourselves to our environment, and let the environment ‘control’ our thoughts. If we accept this as a fact, we will not achieve great beneficial changes for humanity. It’s the fear for changing the current systems that witholds us. So the only thing needed to conquer this fear is to convince yourself that you can make a change. Good luck changing the world towards a better place!

Freedom of Interpretation

judgementI stopped blogging here some time ago but since several readers asked me to continue writing, I decided to give it some new energy. So here’s a new post.

Sometimes you can encounter a situation where interpretation is a central theme. For example interpretation of performance. We all look through personal glasses to the world we live in. And it gives us a personal interpretation of this world. It’s our freedom and that is worth a lot. Freedom of interpretation.

But beware when you interpretate something for or about someone else. What might such an interpretation be worth if it’s only yours? And not a shared interpretation? Therefore true masters accept the fact that they might not have a correct interpretation and will not convict someone. Others might only pretend to have the wisdom of correct interpretation and will base there interpretation on their (perceived) power or ‘authority’. What’s your level of interpretation?

To Have Power Is To Experience It

Ever wondered what it feels like to have power? Well, it’s very easy: just plug yourself in to the mains outlet and you will instantly experience what it feels like to have Power. But ofcourse this is just a joke. To know what Power is can also be done on a less intrusive way.

Why not follow Metcalfe’s Law which states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system. So if you connect to more users in your own (social) network, chances are your Power will also increase proportionally. I suggest you just give it a try and see if it works for you. Oh, and don’t forget to look this real nice animation about Networks. Happy Power Hunting!

How You Can Recognize Collect Anger and Use Driving Forces To Change It

People Collect Things. It’s probably some kind of survival thing we all know how to use intuitively. When we are young, we collect things into collections, for example pins, buttons, postal stamps, strips, toys, dolls etc. When we grow up, we start collecting knowledge at school. And as soon as we start earning money, we start collecting money. Because money can increase our status or power, it stimulates a new driving force coming into place: greed. And as we further grow and mature and Maslov gets us higher on the ladder, we like to collect Power or Status. And it drives us to claim ownership of concepts that were previously distributed. We do this because it gives us status and statue and makes us more important. So our intuitively driven collect anger helps us shape society the way it is and repeat history over and over again. And even if we are aware that this collect anger helps driving less desired societal values, we often don’t really don’t know how to change this or are afraid to. So instead of stimulating more higher or spiritually aimed goals such as sharing and integrating concepts, it drives things the other way around. It’s a kind of divide and conquer strategy, aimed more at separating than at integrating concepts. What can we do about it? Maybe the transformation principles of the book Spiritual Value of Danah Zohar might come to help. Here’s my interpretation how to: start by examining our (often) deeply buried driving forces, confirm they are there and commit yourself to try to change them. This approach could make our world probably a much better place to live in. And even if this approach will let us encounter common barriers like fear, doubt or apathy, there’s still hope. We can transform our driving forces if we want to. The ingredients to use are simple and easy to accomplish. Our most common driving forces can be transformed if we are willing. For example, apathy can be replaced with an appeal to examine or face our driving forces. Doubt can be replaced with dualistic viewpoints: respect the old and respect the new view on the world. Fear can be replaced with respect, love, stimulation of a learning culture etc. Greed, egoism (collect anger) can be replaced with a shared vision of societal values. Anger, despair or frustration can be replaced with holistic viewpoints. And finally status and power can be replaced with humility. By transforming they turn into new, higher value driving forces. For example by transforming fear with love, the new driving force becomes mastery, and who wouldn’t want that? So what is your opinion: could this approach work?

So You Want To Create A Brave New World? Here’s Some Inspiration

The following tips are in no way scientifically proven but might yet be worth the try. I hope you find them useful.

  • Tip 1: respectfully say bye to traditional (red ocean, greed-centered) strategy schools, say hi to (blue ocean) society oriented strategies.
  • Tip 2: respectfully say bye to traditional power- or  status oriented (Taylor-“made”) management schools, say hi to “tailor-made” schools that focus more on organizing people rather than on managing people.
  • Tip 3: respectfully say bye to efficiency as a primary goal, say hi to effectiveness as a primary goal
  • Tip 4: respectfully say bye to common fears that block true renewal (fear of isolation, fear of incompetence, fear of inconsistence, fear for imperfection, fear of separation, fear of ignorance, fear of complexity, fear for loss of control, fear for learning, fear for letting go the past etc. and say hi to their powerful counterparts such as love, respect, learning culture etc.
  • Tip 5: respectfully say bye to traditional sharing strategies (greed, egoism, selfishness) and say hi to joyful sharing strategies
  • Tip 6: respectfully say bye to innovation strategies aiming at free markets and say hi to strategies aiming at societal goals markets
  • Tip 7: respectfully say bye to old style thinking and doing and say hi to new style thinking and doing
  • Tip 8: respectfully say bye to fakeness and dishonesty and say hi to authenticness and honesty
  • Tip 9: respectfully say bye to traditional scarcity thinking and say hi to abundance thinking
  • Tip 10: respectfully say bye to rational (or scientifically proven) decision making and say hi to (spiritual) decision making based on your intuition and your heart

Ofcourse you don’t need to say goodbye to all the above, but a better balance wouldn’t hurt our society. So Good Luck and please let me know what worked for you. 

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