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Another Person’s Opinion Might Be Much More Than Just A Projection Of Their Own Perceived Reality

looking-inside-my-head-1We all like to gather facts so that we can feed these to our illusion of thinking we know the reality. That’s why we in general don’t like people’s opinions because these are not facts. But what is a fact anyway? Is it what you think it is? Or is it what I think it is? Or is it what we both think it is? And suppose you decide to consider someone’s shared thoughts to be a fact, it still is by far nothing compared to that persons thoughts. Because that person might share an opinion with you which is based on very beautiful, delicate, complicated thoughts which you will never be able to comprehend by only listening to or looking at the audible or hearable (shared) subsets of those thoughts. Marcus Aurelius has a nice way to describe this phenomenon: “If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed.”. So don’t try to unlock someone’s mind in order to find out facts that can feed your own truth.  Because your truth is yours only. And try taking into account these wise words of Don Miguel Ruiz: “What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” Good luck in discovering your own reality.looking-inside-my-head-2 And even more lock in combining your own reality with that of the world you live in, trying to make it better than it was.


Insightful Observations From Observable Insights

observingWe live in a world where many people insist on making decisions based on facts and not on opinions or on perspectives. But the idea that a fact is a fact is in fact an illusion. Even Marcus Aurelius knew it when he produced the following quote: “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”  And modern scientists in the quantum physics area can tell us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. It means that everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see ~ Neale Donald Walsch. So if you actually create the reality that you think you see, what is then the value of a fact? It is in fact always subjective. So be careful with your observations, because you might think they give you new ‘observable’ insights but what someone observes is always in the eye of the beholder. Want to get better insight from you observations? Share it with others and ask their opinion too. Together you make better or at least more complete observations. But always be careful with decisions made on just a few observations or on the illusion these observations can be earmarked as plain, undisputable facts.gnosis-1 Have respect for the Unknown and embark on developing the Sensed in combination with the Known. This will give you a much better balanced decision support context.

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