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Relax! Practice Equanimity and Serendipity Will Come To You

Remember Adi Da Samray’s quote “Relax! Nothing is under control”? I believe this is a mindset that could benefit humanity in going through it’s transformations towards a new, more social, human-centric society. Equanimity could help us going through this transformation. But what is equanimity? Well, there are multiple definitions. Here we use “the art of letting things go”. I believe that if we are not afraid to let “old” things go, leave our comfort zone for a short while, we will get ourselves more open toward “new” things. And this openness might just be the catalyst to help us achieve more serendipity cases. Because when we are more open to new things, chances are bigger that accidental connections are made. Growing the global consciousness.  And achieving serendipity could also mean experiencing more from need-to-know to nice-to-know cases. And from searching for specific answers to finding unexpected solutions. From unintentionally improving something globally by improving something locally. So by learning to let things go, we become more open to new, unexpected experiences. May you have a lot of serendipity!


Time Flies When You’re Having Serendipity

As time goes by, we sometimes run into situations we never forget. These are the situations where serendipity (the act of unexpectedly finding something of value) can play a major role. Wikipedia states: Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it. So it seems, serendipity is all a matter of coincidence. But do coincidences really exist? Or is there a higher (hidden) plan that guides us humans into believing we accidently run into coincidences? Either way, what really matters is if you can spot serendipities and act upon them. Social media might increasingly be helpful here. By connecting in social networks, you sometimes discover hidden value in a connection you couldn’t have dreamed of before. So the serendipity is all around, waiting to be discovered. Good hunting!

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