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About Experience, Understanding and Collaboration

We people (not you and me ofcourse but all the others) tend to simplify problems by separation or segmentation techniques. If we encounter a complex problem, our intuitive reaction will often be to break down the problem into segments we think we can oversee. And we also tend to leave out parts we think that can be left out. And that’s were things often can go wrong. Because first of all, the way we approach a problem is to segment it into parts we have segmented before. Now this may sound like a reliable approach because we did it before. It’s part of our experience from the past and therefore we believe it can be done again. We don’t question if the approach from the past is scalable to the problems of today and tomorrow. We don’t question if our approach from the past might in fact be unreliable. It has become part of our belief system and therefore part of our understanding how the world works. And therefore we try to modernize the world with approaches we think are reliable because they have worked in a previous era. But that’s not allways the right way.

What could be another approach? Well, if you are open to new ideas, try to learn case by case and are not afraid to let go of your own belief system, you can really invent transformational new approaches. All you have to do is be open for new learning experiences. Open for collaboration. Open for co-creation. Open for crowdsourcing.  It worked for me since I began opening up for new insights. Started collaborating with others. Finding new knowledge outside my well-known day-to-day environment. Started to actively learn from experiences from others. I believe it can also work for you. And while I can try to explain how this all worked for me, I cannot understand it for you! That’s something you have to do all by yourself. So I wish you a Happy Understanding!


Daredevils are Angels – Do You Agree?

One of the effects of the crises is that you can see more and more mavericks or daredevils standing up speaking out freely. They are often the people that think indepedently, in a non-conformistic way. They challenge The System as it is now. They are actively looking for ways to renew it or they discuss about it and inspire others. They are the ones that dare to challenge The System because they see it is not truly viable anymore. So maybe we don’t need to call them daredevils, mavericks, non-conformists, radical thinkers or the like. Instead, we should call them Angels because that’s what they really are. They’ve come to rescue our society by helping us rethinking The System so it becomes Viable again.  And they earn a great applaude for their courage. And they need our full support to prevent the Galileo Galilei syndrome happening (sending Galileo to prison because he challenged the dogma that the earth stood still).

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