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How To Change From Managing Separation to Organizing Integration

Chances are big that the figure here to the left looks familiar to you. That is because many organizations use this model as a reference model to organize their workload. It’s a divide and conquer type strategy, based on the premisse that people who’s type of work “seem” to have nothing to do with eachother are separated. Besides dividing work in “silos” the knowledge sharing is (sometimes deliberately) minimized. After all, why should you share knowledge if it’s not “your” business? Allthough the model has brought our society many good things, it didn’t really put people first and was aimed at wiring in efficient processes. And it didn’t help us prevent all the crises we’re in. But why not take a chance now to offer a new fresh look at organizing work? It couldn’t hurt I think. Maybe we’re now up to exchanging the dominant Tayloristic “taylor-made” management style of the previous era with a new “tailor-made” style that is focussed more on organizing and integrating. Instead of the more traditional managing and separating. What do you think, could it work?


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