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Changing The World? Transform From Management Convenience To Convenience Management

convenience-1We live in a World where we have slowly but surely created a kind of ‘culture’ derived from Taylor’s Scientific Management theory where the results in everyday’s ‘management’ practices sometimes seem to be more an enabler for ‘management convenience’ than what it originally was meant for. More and more people are arguing Taylor’s theory is not sufficient anymore to sustain societal development and evolution. We see (depending on the context), that we need additional management practices and/or the infrastructure to experiment with new practices to see if we can better support human evolution. And this might be where we can flip the strategy: transforming from traditional management convenience to postmodern convenience management. A theory and/or practice that makes organizing labour or organizing whatever needs to be ‘managed’ a convenience for all stakeholders involved, not only for the management who is initiating the change. This convenience management capability should enable society to better help each other, make labour fun and enjoyable for all, create win-win for all and is therefore an enabler for a more beautiful, abundance-driven, wealth-for-all driven, convenience-for-all driven world. Good luck with your quest finding out how to transform from a management convenience culture to a convenience management culture!convenience-2


From Parttime to Partytime

Being part of something can be fun, isn’t it? It seems we (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) divide ourselves into parts all the time. We are full-time humans with part-time roles like man or woman, husband, loving husband, wife, inhabitant, soloist, civilian, tourist, employee, cardriver, scholar, bicycle driver, swimmer, holiday enjoyer, traveller, eater, drinker, fitnesser, weightwatcher, expert, sleeper, pet lover, bookreader, music listener, movie watcher, guitarplayer, taxpayer, shopper, philosopher, creator, co-creator, collegue, student, puzzler, player, swimmer, partyanimal, artist, participant, blogwriter etc.

Ofcourse this list is not exhaustive, it’s just to give an idea into how many parts (roles) we human beings can divide ourselves. But not all of these parts are fun. For example taxpayer. Or we accept the non-fun parts just because we have got used to it. Or because we think or assume there are no alternatives.

Now how could we transform our society so that most of the (partial) roles we humans play are fun, and the ones we all believe are not fun, get minimized? Would that be possible?  I believe it can be done! If we really wanted to, we could “redesign” society so that most of the things we do (roles we play) together as a society are fun or feel good or are nice. Only because we want it to. Because we think it can be done. Because we want to have a nice world. Because we want to have a new Golden Age. Therefore we maybe need to transform from part-time thinking to party-time thinking. Embrace paradigm changes. Happy party-time hunting!

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