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Visualization tips

When was the last time you  tried to show something to your stakeholders and you visualized your message using boxes? Well, here’s a simple tip: next time you draw a box, try to leave away at least one or preferably two sides of the box. This gives the visual illusion of more freedom, while the theme you are trying to visualize might still be the same. For example, look at the lefthand figure below. It has a few characteristics: it’s dull (same colors, no outstanding things, it’s square and boxed, 4 boxes within a larger box, it doesn’t really appeal and it doesn’ tell a story). Now look at the same concept, but visualized in another way (the 2nd figure). It has been tilt from 2d to 3d, it has been made from black & white to colourful, it has left out two lines of the larger box (top and right) and left out the two interior lines, it shows texts that are larger meant to be more significant, it has replaced the bottom texts Employee and Enterprise which are kind of “anonymous” with personal looking texts You and Your Collegues and has added pictures to these texts to make them even more significant.



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