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Focus on Power or The Power of Focus?

powerIt’s very easy to focus on things that are on the negative scale and that suck the positive Energy out of someone. It can unlock values or emotions that even amplify that focus. For example the following all have a kind of negative annotation: negativity, boaredness, pessimism, frustration, irritation, impatience, disappointment, doubt, worry, disapproval, discouraging, angryness, revenge, hatred, anger, jealousy, insecureness, dept, minority, fear, grief, depression, despair, weakness etc. You may find these values everywhere around you if you’re unlucky.

But on the other hand, you can also decide for yourself to focus on positive emotions. Chances are that they amplify themselves. And even change your environment for the better. If you focus on values or emotions like joy, knowledge, power, freedom, love, praise, valuate, positivity, enthousiasm, happiness, expectation, belief, optimism, hope, contentness etc. they might amplify and change your environment. I prefer this latter approach but also must acknowledge to myself it sometimes may cost a lot of energy to achieve. And what’s your choice? Do you like to Focus on Power and take the chance that you amplify the negativity around you, or do you like to use the Power of Focus on positivity? You can create your own world: one of positivity or one of negativity, it’s entirely up to you… focus


About Societal Principles and the Veil of Ignorance

justiceThe American philosopher John Rawls wrote a theory of justice. In his work he described what he called the Original Position. This is the fictive starting point where humanity was free to develop core principles for society from a greenfield point of view. To achieve that greenfield status, they had to sign a veil of ignorance contract . This contract was to make sure they wouldn’t get influenced or biased. They determined two core principles: liberty and equality. It was then also determined that stakeholders would prefer justice as fairness above utilitarianism. So they in fact preferred a balanced fairness above a maximized utilizing of happiness. Now if we map that to our world with all it’s crises, what would happen if we all followed the justice as fairness principle? Could this stop the endless utilitarianism strategies? Could it make us accept that endless growth is not sustainable? And that maximizing happiness could in fact just be an illusion? Could this be the key?

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