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From Dualism to Dependent Origination

We humans (not you or me but all the others ofcourse) tend to prevent being to dependent on eachother. We like our individual freedom. And we tend to structure our lives accordingly. So we tend to separate things that have dependencies. Dualism reigns. Thereby creating possible future causes that will in one or another way make things more difficult.  So the Universal Law of Karma will show us the dependencies we have (temporarily) ignored, later on in our lives. So that present causes will inflict future effects. We tend to do this over and over again. Perhaps it is because we need these learning experiences. But maybe if we tried structuring more along the Buddhist knowledge in the “Paticca Samuppāda” or the wheel of life which tells us things to know about Dependent Origination, we might make other choices. With more direct cause/effect relationships. Creating instant worlds instead of future worlds. Happy Dependency Hunting!


Eggs and Clouds: An Awesome Comfort Team

I would love to have such an egg-chair like in the image and just dream away or have some mindful or ‘Zen’-ish moments from time to time. Just experience the Here and Now. Without constraints. No plans. No goals. No requirements. No must-do’s. No checklists. No thoughts. No expectations. Just be. And enjoy the moment. So this one is definitely on my bucketlist.

And whou wouldn’t want to have a ‘cloudy’ bed like the one in the other image?  Imagine yourself dreaming away, feeling as if your are floating. I would love to have such a bed, so this one’s one my bucketlist too. Happy egg & cloud hunting!

The Beauty of Transparency

Suppose we (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) could make our world more transparent. So we really start to see how beautiful she is. And how worth she is to be saved so that generations to come can sustainably enjoy her. Therefore our current societal systems that are predominantly ego-based have to be broken down. Old systems where concerns are torn apart by duality thinking. Concerns that should have been handled integrated and not separated.

These old systems which have served their time now need to be made transparent so the light can come in through the cracks and heal them. Healed systems  that are designed to become beneficial for all of us, not only for a few of us. Happy transparency hunting!

From Separation-thinking to Integration-thinking: it’s Easy!

We humans (not you and me but all the others ofcourse), have a tendency to separate things. Separating responsibilities from each other, separating thinking from doing, policy from exploitation, demand from supply, primary from supportive, line from staff, domain from domain, structure from structure, important from not important etc. It’s our natural way to handle ‘complex’ themes. But if you look at these themes from holistic viewpoint, you see right away that it would be better if they were not separated but integrated.

What’s wrong with starting integrated thinking? Integrating thinking and doing on all levels, integrating policy development with policy exploitation so that the policy executor and policy developer together see how it works, integrating demand and supply so that the chain is really working, integrating primary and supportive processes because they really belong to each other etc. Integrating responsibilities: what do you thing would happen to the two people in the boat cartoon if their responsibility thinking was integrated and note separated? And finally: integrate important and not important so that everything becomes equally valued and thus equally important, no matter how small or meaningless it might seem at first sight. Happy Integration-thinking Hunting!

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