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Fighting Fear With Firefighting Makes No Sense

four-senses-wheelInspired by this article I started thinking about the idea of “the sense of” and about what makes or doesn’t make sense. The idea for a “four senses wheel” was born. I arranged these four senses in a balanced quadrant so that the duality aspects became more visible as opposed to only looking at textual explanations. I was convinced that the sense of “Hurry” should  be replaced by the sense of “Fire” so that it could be better emphasized that in this quartile we are primarily talking about Firefighting drivers. I also was convinced that the sense of “Fear” is often used to drive us into Firefighting strategies. For example the fear of Failure drives us to finish our work On Time, On Budget without even thinking if this is always realistic. It sometimes seems even just plain stupid to finish something too early or too cheap. So these two “senses” are in my viewpoint primary drivers for stimulating individual (and company) Ego’s and they belong according to my viewpoint ‘below the equator’.

Then we have the two remaining senses left. I think that sense of “Urgency” fits well to what we are doing to our world (on e.g. Ecological point of view). We should feel collectively that there is urgent need to rethink the way we are currently consuming Earth in a non-circular way. And so this leaves us with the sense of “Excitement” which in my opinion should be the primary driver that will stimulate us to both take better care of our World AND take better care of each other. A win-win for all provided we are willing to shift our thinking from below the equator (sense of fire, sense of fear) to above the equator (sense of urgency, sense of excitement). It can be done. We only need to imagine it can and have the honest intention to make it possible. We can help making it true. But it’s up to you to decide if you want to be part of this thrilling possibility. Good luck with your discovery of the Four Senses Wheel and hopefully you will Start Making Sense. It Makes Sense!start-making-sense


There Is No ‘Boss of the World’ So Better Take Your Own Responsibility In Saving It

boss-3 Hiding from the truth and transferring your personal responsibility to someone else, is something we probably all like to do from time to time. It’s very easy to say: “They should change something”, “The politicians are to blame”, “It was not me who was part of this idea” or “I love to change the world but I will not start until another starts first”. Etc. It’s a normal reaction. It’s based on fear. Fear to be the first. Fear to take initiative. Fear to be the leader. Fear to be hurt when something goes wrong. But we should fear even more the things that could go wrong if none of us actually does change something for the better. So get rid of the idea that you need someone outside you to get you started. You only need yourself. The only authority you need to take an initiative is that of yourself. You alone are responsible for your life. I am finding out for myself how to this works, and so far it’s not at all something I need to fear. So I wish you good luck in taking your own responsibility!responsible-3

From Attitude To All-titude With Aptitude

all-titudeA society where ego-centric attitude preveals, will ultimately self-destruct. But there is a simple way out. We only need to change our attitude. An attitude that is geared not towards promoting and sustaining the Economy (Ego-nomy in fact), but an attitude that is holistic. A holistic attitude that is looking at Humanity (Social fabric, Socio-tude) and Ecology (inhabiting Earth, Eco-tude) in concert and where Economy isn’t any longer a useful societal governance tool. we need to develop this new aptitude to change our current attitude towards facilitating this new All-titude (which is an alternative terminology for a more holistic attitude, benefical for both Humanity ánd Earth). Sofar for this idea and let’s close with Zig Ziglar’s quote “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” which can be augmented with my personal variant: “It’s our Socio-tude and Eco-tude, not our Attitude that determines our All-titude”. Good luck developing your All-titude! alltitude-2

From Internet of Things (IoT) To Interspecies Internet (I2I)

The Internet of Things is already a topic we hear about regularly. Wait until you see what might come next: the Interspecies Internet!  Watch this informative video and take your own conclusions!

It’s amazing to see how clever some of our animals are.

Give them an ‘intuitive’ interface, learn them how to use it for their own purpose, and who knows what might happen next.

Will it make communications like shown in the (humoristically meant) picture possible? Who knows…


Wantamatics, Worldish And Abundology: Key Ingredients For The Next Era

good-life-1If we want to collectively create a Better World  with a Good Life for all, we need to combine abundancy thinking with a wanting to change mindset and some universal language supporting that abundancy thinking. This blog is a first try in combining these three levels of thought. In previous blogs I wrote about some kind of disruptive language themes, for example the need for a metaphorical language, the tragedy of having a poor common language, the limits of our current languages and the need I see for a new language where duality thinking is better balanced towards a more singularity style of thinking. I wanted to have a name for this language deficit area and called it ‘Worldish‘.  In others blogged I mentioned abundance thinking, for example herehere and here. I call this ‘Abundology‘ so others can develop it maybe into a real science: the science of creating abundance. And finally, in this blog I propose a third component I call ‘Wantamatics‘. It’s my proposed acronym for releasing the potentially hidden Power there is waiting out there, provided we are willing (‘Want to‘) change our mindsets towards changing our World for the better. Towards a better Ecology and a better Social Fabric. good-life Good luck discovering your own Wantamatics, Worldish and Abundology ingredients!

From Collective Fear To Collective Curiosity

collective_fear-1Collective fear leads to group mentality. Bertrand Russel knew this when he spoke the famous words “Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd”. So our herd instinct is not really helping us improve society because we are collectively afraid of the unknown. I even heard someone say recently: “I love to be in the victim role” thereby openly acknowledging to willingly be part of this collective fear herd.

But who wants to be ruled by fear? Why do we fear to improve society, even if we are well aware of all it’s problems and experience the sometimes devastating effects on our ecology, social fabric and economy? We have integrated and centralized way too much around the economic system, at the expense of the social fabric (human-centricity) and the ecological system of our Earth.

We should stop thinking money, and start thinking Ecology and Social fabric. Move from ignorant behavior to full understanding of society caring strategies that make the world what it can become. But how long will it take humanity to see this?

Good luck finding your way towards curiosity in this area. And remember, curiosity killed the cat but Collective Curiosity Killed All Fears!collective_curiosity

True Service Is Boundaryless

boundariesBoundaries only exist in the mind.  “In true service there are no boundaries. When we serve others we serve ourselves and by serving ourself in truth we serve others” (source unknown). This seems like a nice quote, but it is in itself also creating a new boundary. The word ‘Service’ implies a concept that can be bordered, bounded, valued, measured, architected, designed, integrated  etc. So by referring to concepts like ‘boundaryless service’ we actually seem to remove boundaries somewhere and reintroduce them elsewhere.

So maybe the word service should be replaced with the word help? Then the previously shown quote could be rephrased to read as follows: “In true help there are no boundaries. When we help others, we help ourselves and by helping ourself in truth we help others”. While in every word in our language it can be debated that there always is some kind of boundary attached to it, it seems the word ‘Help’ is much less boundary-based than the word ‘Service’.

Imagine what it would mean if we humans started to develop all our habits towards helping each other (whatever help is needed, no boundaries pre-attached) instead of serving each other and attaching artificial, illusionary boundaries to the service? It’s almost like letting in Light: if you look at the picture below, it shows how White Light consists of all perceivable colours with less to none boundaries between individual colours.As if each colour helps it’s adjacent neighbor in together formingthe base of true white light.

Time to conclude with this quote of Ken Wilber: There are no boundaries in the universe. Boundaries are illusions, products not of reality but of the way we map and edit reality. And while it is fine to map out the territory, it is fatal to confuse the two.” Good luck discovering your own boundaries.color-spectrum

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