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Thoughts Create Worlds

Your thoughts can create new worlds. It sounds arrogant but it is really true. Suppose you think the world is very imperfect, than you will radiate that thought in your day-to-day life. And maybe even convince others. In fact, you will even try to find others to help you support your imperfect thoughts. And if your successfull, they will also start to think in terms of imperfection. And then they can inflect others on their turn. And so it can go on and on. You can see the universal law of attraction at work: imperfect thinking attracts imperfect thinking.

But if it works this way, it might also work the other way: perfect thinking attracts perfect thinking. And by doing this, you are transforming not only yourself, but you are also creating a new better world. So your thoughts are (indirectly) leading to planetary transformation. They really do! But there’s a caveat: if you are practicing perfect thinking, it is in a way saying something must be imperfect. This in itself attracts more imperfect thinking. But you could also think that the universe the way it is in the here and now is already perfect. And attract more perfect thinking. Happy Thought Creating!


Intention and Acceptance are like Yin and Yang

intentionEleanor Roosevelt once said: no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. He was very right. Suppose you have some intention to do something, of which you yourself are convinced it’s the right thing to do. You have prepared yourself a lot, investigated a lot, done your alignment and so on. And then you find out that one of the people you try to align with, interpretes your intention totally out of bounds. Your intention was oke but it gets not accepted. There is even a formula for the outcome of your intention: Effect = Quality x Acceptance.

So what should you do? Feel guilty? Feel ashamed? Feel frustrated? Feel sorry? Feel … ? etc. Well, an approach might be the following: the more you love your intentions (or the work that lead to them), the less you need others to love them. You should accept the world around you as it is. You are not perfect and so is the world around you and that’s ok. So you should accept more, and judge ledge. Go into flow. Never forget how a beautiful person you are. Never let another judge you for being something they think you should be. If people around you are not accepting you, let them and ignore the fact they don’t accept you. These people in fact spend a lot of energy in thinking about how things should be according to their own opinion, and thereby don’t accept the way things are. But the way things are is in fact already good enough. So by accepting that people who don’t accept you are not relevant, you build on your own self esteem. You might also take a look at as good as it gets: ‘This is it. This is as good as it gets.’ Happy accepting reality! acceptance

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