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The Light Within or How to be Control-Resistant

Do you recognize this situation? Sometimes you can feel a bit lost. Your environment can react onto you and might want to make you feel bad. Maybe because you have done something that another doesn’t want you to do, for whatever reason. The other tries to control you. This can give you a bad feeling, as if you made some terrible mistake. But in the end, we should be aware that control is really an illusion. Wikipedia states: “The illusion of control is the tendency for people to overestimate their ability to control events”. If the controller lacks retrospective insight, it’s called introspection illusion. And the effect of trying to control can be counterproductive: “feedback that emphasizes failure can decrease or reverse the effect”. Being ‘controlled’ can really demotivate a person instead of motivating. The controller controls the controlled. For the controller, the controlled might be nothing more than a ‘controllable’ object. In that case, the controller probably has the illusion of superiority. Now how can you handle this type of situation? It’s very easy. There is light inside every one of us. This light makes us resistant against ‘feeling bad’ type of situations. And it comes at no cost. All you need to do is find the light within…


Gap Analysis or How To Complete Yourself

Finding gaps. That’s what we (not you or me but all the others ofcourse…) like to do from time to time. And as soon as we have gaps, we can start analyzing why these gaps existed. Because it keeps us busy. And being busy is good. It leads to busy-ness. And as we all know, busy-ness keeps the world turning (at least according to some). Ofcourse it’s good to be busy, especially if it leads to better care for eachother. After all who wouldn’t want to be taken care of sufficiently? It’s all that matters. So we should put maximum effort in that. It will make us all happier persons.

Now what about finding your own gaps? So you can spend some time being busy analyzing your own gaps. On a way to completing yourself.  So you can grow internally, emotionally and maybe even a bit spiritually. How is it done? It’s quit easy. Just start drawing the new you from where you have discovered your gaps are. By drawing the gaps, you have accepted they exist and can start working on them. I wish you happy practicing completing yourself!

Within and Without The Universe – It’s the Same

Our Universe is a beautiful construct. If you look at it from a meta-meta-meta level, you can clearly see spiral form galaxies. And when you zoom in to one of these galaxies, you can find new spiral forms. Then you zoom in to a planet and you find spiral forms in for example the weather systems (cloud formations, ocean streams, tornado’s etc.). And finally you go deeper and deeper and find these spiral forms inside ourselves. For example in our DNA which is formed around a double-helix. Did you know there also exists a double-helix style galaxy, almost resembling the double-helix style of the human DNA? Now isn’t that beautiful? The Universe that’s outside us, is also inside us! Happy Hunting for the Universe Within You!

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