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Can sharing energydata help you feel better, safer or more comfortable?

Wordpress blog LouisFor many people on earth, especially in the developed countries, energy has become a commodity. It’s allmost allways there. Available at the moment you need it. We tend to forgot where it came from. And how it’s made. But we like the comfort it brings and the possibilities it brings to enable progress or growth. So we tend to forget that we are in fact damaging the earth a lot because still way too much of our energy sources are fossil-based. And we don´t allways know this very clearly, or even if we do, we tend to let cheap prices prevail above ´saving´ the world. Which role could sharing energy data play in this context?

For example, let’s say I share my energy consumption data to parties I can trust and have made a data-contract with them. In return, because they can learn my energy consumption profile, they are able to better procure energy on the market and by the profit they make from that, they can return part of that to give me a better comfort in my home. It could work that way!

Or let’s say, I have some energy production myself in the form of solar panels. There are points in time where I produce more energy than I need myself. I make a data contract about this production profiles with parties that sell the surplus energy on the energy market, and in return, I get free yearly solar panel and rooftop maintenance.

What about if I would share my production and consumption data via a data contract with interested parties, that in return help me protect my house with protection equipment and services. It’s could be really that simple.

But are you willing to give up part of this data privacy in the form of a data contract? Would you want full control over your data at all times, or would you trust parties? Would you trust parties that are regulated or would you trust only market parties? What’s your opinion?


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