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Share the change you want to see in the World – transforming from personal to collective responsibility

transformingIf you are a bit like me, chances are you will also see a lot of stalling ‘systems’ in the World and at the same time you see a lot of opportunities for improvement but don’t really know where to start. You might suffer from existential loneliness. You might have feelings like “why am I seeing so many misfits and why do so many people in my environment think everything is all quite ok?”.  You might even have experienced people saying to you “that every person has the birthright to their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth” and thereby they trivalize any attempt to change or take some form of collective responsibility.

Many people still advocate the “be the change you want to see in the World” strategy which is very ok but also very convenient: now they don’t have to take collective responsibility. They now can say that it’s the reponsibility of the other. And hide away behind this because it’s convenient. But that’s ok. Not everyone is a “change agent”. So we need to help each other. The ones who are desperate for change but don’t know where to start and the ones who know where to start and are desperate to (unconditionally) help the others. What more would be needed for collective responsibility for those changes that need collective action because it benefits the collective?

Every change, small of great, incremental or radical, transformation or disruption allways starts with a single person. There just is no other way. So each of us have to take responsibility in fostering the change we so desperately want. It all starts with consciousness. Work on getting more conscious. Read a lot. Books. Internet. Listen a lot. Music. Other people talking. View a lot. Meditate a lot. Learn more and more to filter the real ‘news’ from the main stream media indoctrinated news designed to keep the current systems in tact. The more conscious you become, the more you will feel lonely (existential loneliness) and the more you will long to find ‘soulmates’ that share your worldviews but you will also feel increasingly more free and less enslaved. For me, this has been a beautiful personal experience which has made me so much stronger.

Your increased consciousness will make you become more and more aware of your own personal power. You start to discover how focus helps you walk away from the stalling systems and stalling approaches from the past. We need a lot of experimental/next practices, current “best” practices increasingly should be reconsidered again. You become more and more aware of the illusions you live in: the systems we as humanity have designed collectively and given our power or authority to, even if they hinder humanity’s progress. But these systems work now more and more against humanity than they are beneficial for us. Who wouldn’t want to change that so it helps us really progress? Start by talking about it, discussing it, making small local changes, experiment a lot bottom-up with new alternatives, share the results, build communities, change the system from within.

So take personal responsibility for the aspect of the change that you can handle. Ask for assistance for the parts you want to handle but cannot for whatever reason. Awaken the personal leader inside yourself. Find co-creating personal leaders that are willing to build this better World together with you. So that your personal leadership becomes collective responsibility taking. Start small. Ignore the current stalling systems and stalling approaches. They have their place too and should be loved for what they have brought humanity. Put no blame on people. It’s not the people, but the systems we collectively agreed upon that are sitting in our way. It was a giant learning experience from humanity to come to where the point we are now, let’s not forget that. And go on, and really progress humanity towards a we-all-benefit World. Leave behind the duality-driven, fear-based, competitive winner-takes-all World. It no longer serves humanity.

By sharing this article, I have taken the initiative to inspire you who is reading this, so you can inspire others. And because I think unconditional love for humanity benefits us all I post this message now from an unconditional love for humanity. I don’t expect anything in return.


Restarting after a blog sabbatical

sabbaticalsabbatical-1sabbatical-2Today I handled a comment from denisemward on an earlier blog We Need New Mastermindsetters To Help Change Humanity’s Mindset. Denise wrote: “I’m really enjoying this blog. In fact, are you still around?”  She inspired me to restart blogging, thank you Denise!

I stopped blogging at the end of 2013 and reserved 2014 for a ‘blog sabbatical’. During the blog sabbatical I decided to put more quality time in the development of my mental, emotional and spiritual growth. It has taught me a lot of new insights. It also taught me to let go more and more of things, activities, experiences, that hinder my own growth. So far, this has worked out as planned (yes, you can plan spiritual growth).

I think I will focus this year on blogging about my own growth and my inspiration for humanity progress. Don’t know yet if that will be on a regular or random base.  If you liked my earlier blogs, keep watching out for new ones!

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