In these times that are mainly dominated by the Corona-crisis, people are massively proposed to work as much as possible from their homes. It is no big secret that this strategy will lead to numerous new insights.

I came along a beautiful poem from Kitty O’Meara that shows me the essence of what I believe is currently happening on a higher level of abstraction. We are in the midst of a global spiritual crisis which fuels the transition towards a more meaningful society where giving more meaning to real essentials is becoming the new normal. And where we as a society will grow into better than ever before. (never waste a good crisis).

I used this poem to transform it into a text + image format, so that people who are visually oriented get some extra inspiration from the images. Feel free to share this. Pictures used are royaltee-free and come from pixabay.


And the people stayed home

Huis, Thuis, Decoratie, Hout, Canvas, Kunst

And read books…

Lezen, Boeken, Magazine, Studie, Handen, Voeten, Bed

…and listened

Beautiful Sound, Schoonheid, Vermaak, Vrijheid, Meisje

and rested

Man, Eenzaamheid, Boom, Scheve, Rusten, Alleen

and exercised

Mensen, Vrouw, Uitoefening, Fitness, Joggen, Draaien

and made art

Schilderij, Potloden, Pennen, Aquarel, Verf, Acryl

and played games

Zomer Vakantie, Spelletjes, Broers En Zussen, Winnaar

and learned new ways of being

Worden, Wordt, Bewust, Wakker, Leven, Hier, Nu

and were still.

Boot, Stil, Water, Gaan Varen, Rest, Herstel, Zen

And listened more deeply.

Impala, Kudde, Center, Opvallen, Opvallend, Gazelle

Some meditated

Mediteren, Meditatie, Vreedzame, Silhouetten

…some prayed

Mensen, Meisje, Bidden, Natuur, Groene, Bomen, Gras

some danced.

Groene, Bomen, Planten, Gebied, Boerderij, Weg, Buiten

Some met their shadows.

Volwassene, Kunst, Donker, Gezicht, Mode, Meisje, Model

And the people began to think differently.

Eenzaamheid, Vrouw, Strand, Portret, Moe, Menselijke

And the people healed.

Massage, Genezing, Vrouw, Behandeling, Vrouwelijke

And, in the absence of people living in ignorant

Man, Roken, Rook, Sigaret, Gezicht, Persoon, Tabak


Afgrond, Vensterbank, Gevaarlijke, Moe Van Het Leven


Fles, Afval, Verontreiniging, Vuilnis, Nest

…heartless ways…

Business, Wolf, Strong, Zakenman, Felle, Meedogenloze

the earth began to heal.

Aarde, Globe, Magnetisme, Noordpool, Zuidpool

And when the danger passed

De Natuur, Dierenwereld, Witte Bengaalse Tijger, Tiger

and the people joined together again

Team, Motivatie, Teamwork, Samen, Groep, Gemeenschap

they grieved their losses

Pop, Meisje, Triest, Huilen, Tranen, Gezicht, Bekijk

and made new choices

Tijd Voor Verandering, Moed, Nieuw Begin, Kikker

and dreamed new images

Meisje, Outdooors, Poseren, Leggen In Gras, Droom

and created new ways to live

Kans, Directory, Optie, Veel, Selectie, Lijst, Besluit

and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed.

De Natuur, Aarde, Duurzaamheid, Blad, Voorzichtigheid

PS: The time to take more time has arrived: #workingfromhome increases chances or possibilities to connect with people that you would otherwise not have connected with so easily. The attention for the crisis locally, close to where you live, will battle with the attention that you could also give to pure #workingfromhome.

Because it is now easier to connect with others, most probably already locally active which increases the trust level (local = more trusted), you will start to see that also more possibilities to organize will unveil themselves, especially those that help solving local problems. This in turn will cause more pressure on traditional, centralized models of cooperation that are more efficient (if you look at them as an ‘island’) but less effective and usually much more slower.

People that are not yet so accustomed to #workingfromhome will discover that spending your daily time will come into a whole new perspective. They will discover that taking regular rests #becauseitcan will create a whole bunch of new insights. And where we used to think that everything has to become always much faster, cheaper, more efficient etc. #justbecausethatiswhattheyhaveallwaystoldus, we will conclude that there are viable alternatives.

And we will discover that the ‘rat-race’ we so often talk about is nothing more than a manufactured social construct that can be unmanufactured easily. And we will discover that the never ending economic growth which fuels consumerism which seems to be a mandatory thing, due to the crisis we will learn that taking a step back is easily done and it can be fun too!

Last but not least, below figure. ‘A MODEST PROPOSAL’, clearly shows why the Corona crisis now can also be a catalyst for slowing down, taking a few steps back, creating more time while not adding to the economy, degrowing to get back to a more sustainable economy (Kate Raworth Doughnut model!) etc.

Summarized, we live in an era where (often age-old) dogma’s, convictions, philosophies and evevn religions will be layed under a microscope, and we as a global society will start to invent new better alternatives. A beautiful, healthy, safe, clean World is waiting for us. Do you want to help creating it?

Oil Lamp and Bible

When the urge to seek descends, the (silent) joy of awakening ascends ~ L’Eau-i


And so it is.

So you must be a nerd, right? Drawn to this article because it contains the ‘tech’ word. And as a nerd, ofcourse you love tech. I know because I am (or should I say: I was) also a nerd. Or you could be a procurement officer, looking for new sourcing strategies. Or an architect trying to find new knowledge about the sweet spot between tech and where to source it (and why tech and sourcing combined in the end IS your architecture, probably containing loads of compromises). Or a politician that needs to understand how to make the best decision for your voters based on couch-potato style free of charge and quick-and-dirty insights about tech in blogs like this one. Don’t fall for this trap!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor love

The best technology ever is: LOVE! Who said that? Do yourself a favor and find it out yourself because part of the fun is the discovery process itself. You will find quite a few prominent people who have written about it and have very good propositions for it.

I give one starter here for free, just to get you up and running. Happy hunting!

“Humans are only divided by their consciousness. If it is removed, only love, freedom and truth remains.”  ~ Allatra





If you are now reading this message, it was most probably meant for you. I am not looking for attention or approval, just want to share my own experiences when learning about this subject.

To discern is the ability to obtain sharp perceptions or to judge well. When you are practicing spiritual development it might be very well possible that you encounter spiritual lessons helping you to discern 3rd from 5th dimension.

In 3rd dimension, it is said that we live in a world of duality. Allmost all conceivable concepts are divided so we can experience them, which could be the higher spiritual purpose for our being here on this planet.

We tend to discern between concepts like true |false, good | evil, love | hate and even organize our society intot divide-and-conquer style concepts like government | civilians just to name a few.

In our 3D world, we even have invented concepts like 3D and 5D so that we can discern between them. Is this then a 5D perception or it it just a 3D perception? And is discerning as technique itself not just a plain old divide-and-conquer thing? So we can come to know what’s true and what’s not?

Or is there in ‘real 5D’ no difference anymore between what’s true and what’s not, because if we can discern between true and not true, our ego is just playing tricks with us telling us to create a duality.

Depending on where you put your focus, you could say humanity’s progress has been enormous and that is actually true. But you can also look at progress we still didn’t make.  That’s what this blog is about. So while we honour the progress made sofar, we tend to put focus on what’s still needed. So let’s face it, humanity is in a dire situation. You can read the disturbing facts all over: economical crises, ecological crises, climate crises, social collapses etc. Not really things to be proud of. So that’s why I made a sjort resume of humanity. To be used when the aliens arrive from their intergalactic inspiration tour and asking us what our capabilities are. The resume gives the answers of the state-of-the-art of humanity’s progress. Now let’s all work towards a resume that has improved the state-of-the-art at least hunderd-fould, because that is what we really need to be emarking on. And if we achieve that, we can be proud to show off our progress to the aliens, which ofcourse must be very jealous on our progress.


Resume version 1 shown below. Let’s all build version 2 asap! Good progress hunting!


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