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The Beauty Of Fruition

fruitionThe beauty of fruition requires the torture of waiting for the seed to grow. Sowing new seeds is a beautiful process if you look closely at what happens. Florida Scott-Maxwell said: “Every seed destroys its container or else there would be no fruition”. This is heads on. In nature, the process of fruition is in fact a very destructive process. The seed comes to fruition by destroying its container, it’s parent, it’s predecessor. But if we look at our human invented (societal) systems, it seems they don’t really follow nature’s fruition process. Because they do “sow” new seeds, but hardly ever destroy the containers from which they originated. Which can leave us with more and more ‘legacy’  containers that tend to make things incredibly complex, increasingly slow and difficult to innovate and increasingly costly because these “unwanted” legacy containers cannot be left totally without a basic form of maintenance.

Not destroying the containers, not cleaning up the legacy can have enormous negative side effects. It’s probably the fear for this destructive process that is withholding us from regular cleaning up. What would happen if we really destroyed legacy containers for every new fruition that is a better replacement of it’s legacy ‘container’? Who knows. It might be a better strategy in the end. But how do we conquer the fear for this kind of destruction and how do we organize it in such a way that there will be no losers in this never-ending game of creation-destruction? In nature, the legacy (seed container) is more or less automatically “recycled”, but in human invented systems, a lot of human values play a crucial role. So the real challenge is to find out creation cycles that renew what we want to renew, destroy what we think can be destroyed and all of this without harming any human concerns.


Changing The World? Transform From Management Convenience To Convenience Management

convenience-1We live in a World where we have slowly but surely created a kind of ‘culture’ derived from Taylor’s Scientific Management theory where the results in everyday’s ‘management’ practices sometimes seem to be more an enabler for ‘management convenience’ than what it originally was meant for. More and more people are arguing Taylor’s theory is not sufficient anymore to sustain societal development and evolution. We see (depending on the context), that we need additional management practices and/or the infrastructure to experiment with new practices to see if we can better support human evolution. And this might be where we can flip the strategy: transforming from traditional management convenience to postmodern convenience management. A theory and/or practice that makes organizing labour or organizing whatever needs to be ‘managed’ a convenience for all stakeholders involved, not only for the management who is initiating the change. This convenience management capability should enable society to better help each other, make labour fun and enjoyable for all, create win-win for all and is therefore an enabler for a more beautiful, abundance-driven, wealth-for-all driven, convenience-for-all driven world. Good luck with your quest finding out how to transform from a management convenience culture to a convenience management culture!convenience-2

What The Planet Desperately Needs Is A Major Governance Overhaul

theplanetneedsDavid Orr has a great vision. His famous words  “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds” guides us into a direction that could solve many of our current tough problems and crises. But what is it that keeps us running after each other, joining the never-ending rat race to (illusionary) success? What is the killer app that could drag us out of this self-enforcing, planet destroying negativity amplifying cycle? Is it as simple as just a mindset? Focus? Love? Care for each other? Or do we first need to redesign or re-architect some of our self-enforcing societal governance systems like Taylor’s scientific management approach, often leading to separation of thinkers and doers, or the free market principle often leading to separation of winners and losers or governmental structures often leading to separation of inhabitants and those who were originally intended to serve those inhabitants?

I personally believe it’s those major, fundamental governance systems that need to be changed. It’s not the people. We are not to blame. Not me, not you, not anybody. It’s our current fundamental governance systems that tend to attract people who are willing to enforce that governance. The universal law of attraction is at work, enabling the self enforcing. But if we would redesign these governance systems those people can and will automatically find new challenges. Because the focus would shift towards a more positive self-enforcing spiral. The universal law of attraction is again at work, but now enabling the self enforcing into a positive direction.

Any thoughts on this if this approach could work? Step by step, evolutionary, governance system by governance system or do we need a big bang governance redesign?

From Business To Jozyness: Being Busy While Having Fun!

fizzynessBusiness is usually about being Busy. Busy making profits, making sure you beat your competitors in a never-ending rat race towards (mostly) temporary successes. It costs people a lot of Energy. And because we put so much pressure on ourselves trying to win this illusionary rat race, we tend to make Business a very, very serious game. It almost automatically will lead to stress, anger and fear and all kinds of other negative energies. These negative energies are often self-enforcing. The universal law of attraction is at work here: negative energy attracts negative energy. And thus keeps the rat race alive. So what would happen if Businesses worldwide would introduce Joy in Business as part of their overall Strategies? (I call it Jozyness). Imagine what that would do to the Energy! It could turn negative Energy into positive Energy (remember the law of attraction). All we need to do is start adopting a totally free tool called Focus. Shift focus from being serious to being serious AND having fun and joy while doing Business. The world would transform! It can be done. You only have to start yourself. And it only costs Focus. Nothing more. Good luck with your personal shift of focus from negative to positive Energy and your personal transformation of Business to Jozyness.

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