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The Beauty of True Value

everything-is-energyDuring eons of human development, we have come to believe that value is in things. We created it as something which is outside of us. We wanted to make it rational and visible. But true value can only exist in your heart. True value is not something you can rationally measure or put down as a meaningless figure in some Business Case. True value is a frequency, an Energy. It’s something which is already in the air, invisible to our instruments but definitely not meaningless. It’s called love for your fellow human beings. The more love you send out in the Universe, the higher its frequency and the higher its value. Nothing can beat that value. And the greatest thing of all is: it is totally free. No Business Case needed. Just the mindset that we as humans should do the uttermost to help, care and love each other. Nothing more, nothing less. Good luck with your quest on finding out what True Value is and how you can create that value yourself.


The Beauty of Yin/Yang Leaders

yin-yangLeadership is a topic of all times. And although humanity has eons of experience in developing it, we still don’t really know how to effectuate it on a ‘global’ level. We still need to rely a lot on ‘helper’ roles like (appointed) managers and (appointed) leaders. The appointed variants often inherit virtual leadership as soon as they are positioned onto a virtual authoritative position (the hierarchy chart). The not appointed variants often need to perform the same or identical tasks but have to do it with their personal skills only. A though job. Only a (very?) few people in our world are actually capable of this type of personal leadership. What is it that is needed for the evolution of some more personal leadership? Is it something we can learn? Something we can train? Something we can inherit? Or is it only the few who are born with these skills that we need to rely on? Or is it only a matter of the appointed and not appointed leaders and managers of letting go of their ‘helper’ roles and thus making all others aware of their personal leadership gaps? Maybe it’s that simple. Just letting it go. And don’t be afraid that loss of leadership makes you less worth as human. This is an illusion. Good luck with your personal quest in finding out what exactly your personal leadership in our World’s leadership ‘quagmire’ is ūüėČ

From A Mass-Fear Controlled Democracy To A Mass-Compassion Controlled Loveacracy

fear-is-a-perceptionJames Bovard once said: “As long as enough people can be frightened, then all people can be ruled. That is how it works in a democratic system and mass fear becomes the ticket to destroy rights across the board.” He must have known how fear can work to suppress the masses. This is still day-to-day practice in many countries of the world. It is rooted deep in patriarchy¬†and has become an auto-pilot culture that many people not even tend to debate. We act as if this is the normal way to go. Just because we got used to it during many eons of time.

But if we could transition towards a new ‘ruling’ concept based on the opposite of fear, which is Love, would we also do it? Or would we fear that such a transition is impossible or too complex? Well, it is not complex at all. All it requires it that you change your mindset. Change your focus. Stop with the ego-centric competing with each other for a small piece of a very large abundant cake. Start having compassion for each other and instead compete on how good you can help your fellow Earth inhabitants. Accept that mass-fear is nothing more than a personal perception for each of us allowing the perception. Is there an antidote? Yes there is. Let’s call it a Loveacracy: a kind of democracy where compassion and Love for each other rule the development of our beautiful planet. Good luck with your personal quest for institutionalizing your own Loveacracy!

Will A World In Chaos Help Us Remember What To Love More: People Or Things?

people-vs-thingsIn our 21st century world it seems more and more that things (consumables, money, …) are dominating our lives more than the people who produce and/or consume them. It is as if we have lost the meaning of life as it originally was intended to be: to love people and use things, not the other way around. ¬†Our industries are lined up to generate demand by making people want things, even if they don’t really need them. A better strategy would have been to make things that people want, nothing more, nothing less. Let the demand drive the industry and not the supply. We need to make transitions to rebalance this delicate demand-supply model. It is completely out of balance. But the resources we have are more than abundantly available. So we don’t need to optimize scarcity, we need to optimize the abundance. Reduce the oversupply to a level of enough is enough. Create work weeks that are more relaxed, leading to people having less time for creating¬†overproduction¬†and more time to help their fellow human beings. Shift from competing in the supply markets for more illusionary created demand to competing in the demand markets for more real service-to-others. There is no reason why we should not go this way. The only thing blocking us, is that we have created too much ‘supply’, ‘market’ and ‘endless economic growth’ dependencies. Those need to be reconfigured to demand dependencies. So that we compete on service to each other instead of service to self. Good luck with your quest on transforming the world’s demand-supply balance imperfections.

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