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There Is A Crack In Everything. That’s How The Light Gets In

Picture source here. Leonard Cohen’s quote “Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” resonates with me. I like it a lot. I can also see a relation with talent management. Earlier I blogged about a new way to organize collective talent, in a way forming some kind of global consciousness. Suppose we would be willing to accept that every person on earth can fail (is not infallible). Nobody’s perfect. Everybody’s got a crack somewhere.  This fits well with Deming’s quote ” No one can enjoy learning if he must constantly be concerned about being graded for his performance”.  Also suppose we would accept that every person on earth has limited talent, has a basic need to learn and has an  open attitude towards letting in knowledge from others (letting in the light?) and share it’s knowledge with the world, what would happen to our world? Wouldn’t we get more societal value from the collective wisdom that is available? Could it help our world prevent coming into new crises? What do you think: is it worth a try? (picture source here)


Global Consciousness: a New Way To Organize Collective Talent?

In an increasingly interconnected world where knowledge is openly shared, being very smart yourself is no longer the only path to succes. You could spend a lifetime learning or developing stuff or theories and getting more and more clever yourself. But since we as humans already have an enormous amount of knowledge together and increasingly share it, why not benefit from that by integrating it? Instead of building up a lot of knowledge yourself, you can also try to connect to the knowledge that others willingly share. And instead of hunting for individual talents, we might better hunt for collective talents (networks). The six degrees of separation in your personal network, enabled by Internet technology can make it possible. You only have to initiate network connections to get it starting, so it starts by personal leadership. Being smart or clever will therefore gradually transform into learning to find peers in your network that can add knowledge to your own knowledge and extending your network so it adds more and more value. To make that kind of a (sourcing?) strategy really work, we should try to make some steps towards globally sharing non-competitive knowledge. You could call this increasing our global consciousness, for which by the way even a project is investigating this for many years already. It requires an open mindset. Good luck in your personal quest for getting “globally” smarter!

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